Entry #5

I Want You Updates

2014-11-02 19:21:13 by xxxrifrafxxx


Jeez... where the hell have I been?!

Sorry for such a long leave of absence there, seems like I've been super busy with EVERYTHING here lately... But anyway, I'm not sure if I've ever even mentioned the fact that I have two comics. But, you remember that short animation/game I made with the lovely Tagen? Would you like to see the story she's from? Well you sure can!


If you prefer a less pornographic title with more fantasy, check this shit out:


If you'd like to make any suggestions or have any questions or wanna see a certain type of drawing or WHATEVER, message me and leave me your thoughts.

If you'd like to see every new page added to either comic, SUBSCRIBE! The more the merrier, and keep an eye out for any new pictures or projects in the future.


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2014-11-03 04:05:40

Congrats on figuring out the new blog composer... I still can't create text/picture links yet.

You should spend some time here each week: review other people's work, talk in the BBS or just talk to other artists you like, learn their secrets or something... it's hard to build a following without a little schmoozing ya know :\ I'm glad you're back and that your art work's improved (from a quick glance)

xxxrifrafxxx responds:

Thank you! I've always been here since I was a teenager, so I absolutely love this site. The improvements were hard to get used to so that why I stayed away so long. But I figured them out pretty quick, plus I have already been practicing changing my main comic sites so picking this up was a breeze XD. And thank you for noticing my improvement! I'm actually pretty confident with my artwork now, I feel so skilled. I've even been practicing in 3d, so look out for those in the future! Also thanks for the advice, I love getting to know other artists and picking up new tricks. I love learning new ways to improve my artwork, I've made it a passion almost.

So to write something so long XD Hope I didn't put you to sleep.


2014-11-06 00:50:25

On the contrary, you're also a good composer of words! That's an asset that compliments your art quite well, not everyone can fill 2 roles ya know. Also glad to hear you're still learning and pressing your abilities... I still have one of your experimental flashes on my computer!
(Hope you don't think I'm e-stalking you, women produce the better content online IMO.)

xxxrifrafxxx responds:

lol i don't think you're a stalker XD


2014-11-06 01:01:32

I figured I'd re-read the I Want You series.. apparently a few years passed by, till just recently! I knew I was in the new content, when I saw Taegen(?) magically transform her clothes, now that's a plot twist I wasn't expecting :)

xxxrifrafxxx responds:

Thank you! And yea, I can't reveal too much just because it's explained further in the story. For now I like seeing everyone's ideas on who or what she is. Some people come up with pretty good ideas XD And I really would like to go back and re-do the entire first chapter and beginning of the second just so everything looks the same, but at the same time I like to leave it up so everyone can see my progression. Eventually I plan on re-making them, just cause after a while I'll get embarrassed of it compared to my updated style.

I also have extremely sporadic updates, it's terrible T-T I try to bust out updates when I can (being 2-5 pages) within a 2-3 day time span. And it's spelled Tagen XD


2015-01-05 12:09:46

Have you been playing Animal Crossing? Just a hunch from looking your new profile pic drawing, it's you and your love? Ya know, anytime you publish a page or two of comic, make a newspost, maybe even upload some art or comic cells or something. I know this place seems dead, but the art, (porn), movies and games still draw people here O_o


2015-01-23 22:23:22

So what's new, how's the new 3D program treating you, any new drawings?