2011-05-04 02:38:43 by xxxrifrafxxx

It's finally here! I think I coulda done better but yea... lol. Pushin myself a lil too hard. But it's my first major flash project so plz be kewl about it lol. Tell me what I coulda done better, trust me... you wont hurt my feelings. I'm pretty open for feedback. But yep!

http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/06 6a81be0cae20497f0bbb06dd56d380



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2011-05-04 02:41:59

Random pic of a night elf boy.... funny. I don't play WOW anymore.


2011-05-04 06:13:49

Nyan ^^

xxxrifrafxxx responds:



2011-06-18 11:23:54

Hot teen masturbating on cam.

Download here: http://cashload.org/5fcdf00e

She starts crying at the end.


2011-07-13 12:54:18

Are you a lesbian or bi?

xxxrifrafxxx responds:

straight lol.... i like the penis


2011-09-04 23:22:07

Huh........ haya girl?
(Looked around newgroudns and found your stuff, thought it was cool ;)
Meh sry for soundin' like some kind of creeper..........
Sssssssssssssss >.<

xxxrifrafxxx responds:

hehe thnx


2011-09-06 17:55:09

That was okay (looks a little like that Jazza character)! Should probably upload it proper and get some visitors,,,,
Still, when are you going to put your website link on this page?

xxxrifrafxxx responds:

lol its www.courtneyatkins.webs.com


2011-12-23 21:06:17

Well thanks, and Merry Christmas! Please exploit yourself here more often ;)!